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While the doors were open, Ebenezer AME Church fulfilled the mission and vision of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. 


The mission of Ebenezer African Episcopal Church is to spread Christ’s liberating gospel into the hearts, souls, and minds of its membership, empowering members to grow spirituality, and economically that they might be effective change agents for God in the community.




Disciples of Christ…strong in the Word through study and worship, actively engaged and excited about their personal spiritual growth and the growth of the church and the surrounding community through focused and holistic community service initiatives, including feeding, clothing and extending fellowship to those in need; economically empowered through business ventures and how to attain both private and public funding in addition to regular tithes and offering.


This vision is focused on our knowledge and your faith in the assurance that we are not alone on this “Christian Journey.”  As we move on by faith, others will see what we do, and ask us how and why.  We will then direct them to our Savior and Lord and let them know Christ is the vision, enabler and keeper of our souls, and invite them to join us on this journey.


History of Ebenezer AME Church

The AME Church grew out of the Free African Society in the late 1700s, but the church became it’s own entity founded in Philadelphia around 1816.  So you can see given the age of Ebenezer AME in East Whiteland, Chester County, PA that it is truly part of the early days of a church and religion founded in Philadelphia.  Bishop Richard Allen died in 1831, just months before Ebenezer came to be after Joseph Malin deeded the land.

Historical Commission Requests, East Whiteland Township presentation to the Board of Supervisors, April 12, 2023, min 47:12 to 55:20.


African Methodist Episcopal Church History


Jason Herrmann’s presentation given on May 17, 2023 on "Digital Documentation at Mt. Zion AME Church, Devon and Ebenezer AME Church, Malvern, PA" (It is mostly about Mt. Zion since most of the surveys were conducted there.)  Mt. Zion: minutes 20:31 - 1:10:40. Ebenezer: minutes 1:10:41 - 1:24:58. Q&A: minutes 1:24:59 - 1:43:42.


This recording will be available until September 17, 2023.

            Passcode: zLK2v*23 


Sarah Caminito, "Ebenezer AME Cemetery" by a student of Jason Herrmann.


Find a Grave, this is a free service. Since contributors change the  names of cemeteries, I find the fastest way to find a cemetery is through the county it is in. Ex.; Cemeteries; Cemetery Locations (City, COUNTY, State or Country);


Pennsylvania Hallowed Grounds (Lots of information on care of cemeteries.) The mission of the Pennsylvania Hallowed Grounds (PAHG) is to honor, interpret, and preserve African American cemeteries and the burial sites of Civil War African American Sailors and United States Colored Troops in Pennsylvania.

PAHG connects and builds the capacity of stewards of these cemeteries and burial sites, and supports conservation, documentation, education, and training. Working collaboratively with other groups and organizations, PAHG provides tangible encounters with memory and enriches the public understanding of history. 


Restoration Project of Ebenezer AME Church

We have a lot of work to do, and your generous donation helps us get that important work done.

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The restoration project is under way for the Ebenezer AME Church Bacton Hill in Easttown Township, but we need your help.  Below is the cost of renovation.  We are asking for your help.

Critical Stabilization & Construction Access Work: $25,550

Debris removal in and around structure - $7,000

Wood chipper rental to break down debris - $800

Stump grinder to eliminate stumps adjacent to structure - $1,500

Stabilize masonry walls - $10,000

Construct ramp down from road to proposed parking area - $1,500

Construct crushed stone driveway/parking area (20'X40') - $1,750


Property Work: $18,500

New split rail fence: $10,500

Remove remaining compromised trees throughout Churchyard: $5,000

Plant new perimeter coniferous trees for privacy: $3,000

Full AME Church Restoration Work: $48,000

Complete masonry tuckpointing and restoration - $18,000

New roof construction - $15,000

New windows and doors - $9,000

New floor framing and reclaimed oak finish floor - $6,000



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East Whiteland Township
East Whiteland Township Historical Commission


September 1, 2023


East Whiteland Township Unveils New Historic Marker

The township erects historic marker for the Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church.
Dedication to be held on September 9, 2023 from 1:30 – 2:00 PM
Bacton Hill Road, East Whiteland Township September 9, 2023
East Whiteland Township and the East Whiteland Historical Commission in conjunction
with Reverend April Martin, Pastor and Bertha Jackmon, Church Historian at Mt. Zion
African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, Devon, PA announce the dedication of the sign to
mark the ruins of the Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church on Bacton Hill Road. The
church ruins and cemetery are considered hallowed ground.


About The Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church

This AME church grew out of The Free African Society movement established in 1787 in
Philadelphia. James Malin, a local Quaker, transferred the land to church trustees in 1832. The
African American community who built this structure lived, worked and raised their families on
Bacton Hill. Over eighty gravesites include Blacks who enlisted and fought for the Union in the
Civil War following the Emancipation Proclamation.


About The East Whiteland Historical Commission

The East Whiteland Township Historical Commission has been instrumental in
identifying historic properties and in spearheading efforts to protect the Township’s
historic resources. Although many of these resources are located in developed areas,
future development and change could continue to threaten historical sites. Integration of
these structures into the community’s changing landscape is the key to preserving our
historic resources. The Historical Commissions’ goal is to raise awareness of our
township’s history and to encourage the preservation of our
cultural character and the physical evidence of that history.


Media Contact:
Mark Keilbaugh
East Whiteland Historical Commission

Contact Us

Contact Us


TELEPHONE: 484-354-8239


 Ebenezer Historical Marker Dedication

Video Courtesy of Steve Lyons - He did it for love of history and preservation, pro bono.

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